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Installation of transparent filesystem using encfs on amazon S3

I am using amazon S3 to backup data directly from my Centos 5 Server. As i do not want to store the data unencrypted i encrypted the files using GPG and uploaded them. As this is very time consuming i decided to try it with a encrypted layer over the S3 storage and used encfs.

yum install fuse-encfs

would do the job, unfortunately it is broken in EL5 and filesystems cannot be created:

Creating a new fuse-encfs filesystem fails with boost library error: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::filesystem::filesystem_error' what(): boost::filesystem::path: invalid name ".encfs6.xml" in path: "/tmp/crypt-raw/.encfs6.xml"

This is also mentioned here:

I then remove fuse-encfs again with yum and installed libboost141:

yum remove fuse-encfs

yum install boost141-filesystem.x86_64
yum install boost141-serialization.x86_64

I then downloaded this package:

rpm -i fuse-encfs-1.7.4-7.el5.x86_64.rpm

I then mounted my amazon storage with success:


Now all data which is being stored in /PATH/TO/TRANSPARENT/LOCAL_FOLDER will be saved encrypted in /PATH/TO/AMAZON_S3/ENCRYPTED in my amazon S3 storage

Unmounting is being done entering:


The bad thing about all of this is, that it does not seem to work with S3, i am frustrated! Will report about any news...


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