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Resolving STOP 0x0000007B on Windows 2000 after P2V using VMware Converter for later use in VirtualBox

I recently hot converted a Windows 2000 Professional Machine using VMware Converter. After creation of a new virtual machine in virtualbox i could not boot the VMDK file successfully.


Booting Windows 2000 failed with the blue screen "STOP 0x0000007B". Usually one just has to tell Virtual Box to not use ioapic (VBoxManage modifyvm VMNAME --ioapic off) and then remove the IDE drivers after first boot from device manager (as described here:


After a long search i finally found the hints which gave me the hints how to get around this. The reference to this was this posting in the board of VMware:


Basically one just has to apply these registry settings found in this dutch knowledge base article:


I saved these registry values into a .reg file, booted the "broken" windows 2000 with ERD Commander and applied the registry settings in there.


For my convenience the registry values are attached to this post.


This worked for me - if it screws up your windows and you loose data do not blame me. Only do things like this on a clone of your windows installation!


repair-windows2000-bootdevice.reg6.1 K
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