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Using IMAPsync to sync mails from scalix to exchange and vice versa

actually i really hate to write something like this as i do not really like exchange servers and prefer open source solutions but in this case the task was to sync mails from a scalix server to a exchange server. now exchange does not use all of the IMAP flags scalix is using, so using the regexflags paramter we had to remove some, at the end of the day this worked:

imapsync --authmech1 LOGIN --host1 localhost --port1 143 --user1 xxxxx --password1 xxxx --authmech2 LOGIN --host2 --port2 143 --user2 "domain.local/user/user" --password2 yyyyyy --regexflag 's/\$Forwarded//' --regexflag 's/\\X-Forwarded//' --regexflag 's/\\X-Has-Attach//' --regexflag 's/NonJunk//' --regexflag 's/\$NotJunk//' --regexflag 's/\$Label\d//' --regexflag 's/Junk//' --regexflag 's/\$Junk//' --skipsize --syncinternaldates --useheader 'Message-ID'

just for the records the other way round, from exchange to scalix we used this successfully:

imapsync --host1 localhost --port1 143 --user1 xxxxx --passfile1 xxxxx --host2 --port2 143 --user2 yyyyy --passfile2 yyyyyy --regexflag 's/\$NotJunk/NonJunk/' --regexflag 's/\$Junk/Junk/' --regexflag 's/JunkRecorded\s*//'  --regexflag 's/R//' --maxsize 40844283

the maxsize flag was necessary as for some reason either scalix or imapsync croaked and dies on mails that size.

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