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Migrate Subversion repository to a newer version

Today i thought i could move the subversion reporsitory from an old server which we set up in 2005 to a newer machine. by simply copying the raw repository berkely database files to the new machine this unfortunately did not work:

[Fri Sep 25 11:30:16 2009] [error] (20014)Internal error: Berkeley DB error for filesystem '/var/www/svn/db' while opening environment:\n
[Fri Sep 25 11:30:16 2009] [error]  Could not fetch resource information.  [500, #0]
[Fri Sep 25 11:30:16 2009] [error] Could not open the requested SVN filesystem  [500, #160029]

what i had to do is to dump the old database on the old system like this:

svnadmin dump /var/www/svn --deltas > /svndump.20090925

i copied this huge file to the new machine and create a new, blank repository.

cd /var/www
svnadmin create svn
svnadmin load svn < /svndump.20090925

worked like a charm!


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